Twitter is reportedly working on a new feature called “Twitter Hiring,” enabling verified organisations to post job listings directly on their profiles. Although the social media platform has yet to make an official announcement, some verified organisations have already been able to add job listings under their Twitter bios, redirecting interested applicants to their company websites for further details and applications

The feature allows verified organisations to showcase up to five job positions on their profiles, providing an opportunity to attract talent to their open positions. Additionally, Twitter will offer the option for these organisations to import all their open jobs by connecting to a supported ATS or XML feed, streamlining the process of listing job opportunities on the platform.

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The action appears to align with Elon Musk’s earlier May hint, in which he said Twitter might add functionalities and features for jobs. The recent acquisition of Laskie, a job-matching tech startup, by Twitter may have had an impact on the development and release of the “Twitter Hiring” feature.

Unlike some other platforms, verified organisations will not incur additional charges for accessing the job posting feature. Media company Workweek has reportedly gained access to this feature, and its inclusion comes within Twitter’s Verified for Organizations package, priced at $1,000 per month.

With this new functionality, Twitter aims to compete with popular job search platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed, potentially helping companies reach a broader range of candidates across its vast user base.